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Used Modems and Radio Equipment

Interested individuals should be aware that all of the older modems, PTC-II, PTC-IIe, PTC-IIex and PTCIIusb have been discontinued by SCS due to parts obsolescence although firmware and Pactor 3 license upgrades are still available.

Some of the older modems that lack a 22 alpha-numeric serial number can also be upgraded by the addition of a serial number board.

Please contact us if you have questions.


1 – Yaesu 891 HF Transceiver c/w FC-50 tuner (Mod for CFARS/MARS done at factory)

1 – Anderson power pole connector and cigarette lighter power cable.

$ 1000.00 OBO

1 – PTC-IIex SCS Pactor modem c/w P3 upgrade

Includes cable for Yaesu 891, serial and power cable with Anderson power pole connector.

$ 600.00 OBO

1 – Conception R.B. CRB-230-65 Broadband Folded Dipole Antenna 160-6m, no tuner required.

$ 300.00 OBO


Refurbished PTC-2e SCS Pactor Modem


Contact White Squall Consulting Inc. to order